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Student Pledge

Students will recite these promises in the beginning and the end of every class. Students are expected to incorporate this pledge in their daily life within the studio as well as outside of the studio. We are adamant about the development of respect and discipline in our students as our primary focus.

History of Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is an ancient Korean martial art of self-defense. It is not only the ultimate in self defense skills and physical fitness, but also a philosophy in action centered around five key principles: Courtesy, Integrity, Self Control, Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit.

The literal translation of TAE KWON DO may help explain its many facets. “TAE” refers to the leg(when used for kicking or breaking) and “KWON” to the fist(for punching or breaking). Tae Kwon Do however is more than just kicking and punching.
As evidence in the third part of the word “DO”, which does not have an exact equivalent in English, may be variously translated as a proper path, a right way of life or meditation in actions.
One source has estimated that as of 2009, taekwondo was practiced in 123 countries, with over 3 million individuals with black belts throughout the world.

TAE KWON DO, then, is a self-defense skill, which is also a philosophy; a philosophy that can lead to a more fulfilling life. This philosophy develops the qualities of a true champion: a smart mind, a caring heart and a strong body.

Our Instructors

T.K Tae kwon do instructors and staffs are patient, highly motivated, and professional. Each staff member is a Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Federation) certified black belt trained by Grand Master Tae Kwon Park. Committed to the highest standards of T.K., our staff is dedicated to motivating, encouraging and contributing to the success of each student.


Master JongSung David Park
5th Degree Black Belt

Kevin Hibbert
4th Degree Black Belt

Richard Anderson
3rd Degree Black Belt

Arshad Massomi
3rd Degree Black Belt
Junior Instructors

Krista Hornsby
2nd Degree Black Belt

Quentin Peyser
2nd Degree Black Belt

Joe Aguilar
2nd Degree Black Belt

Leslie Alvarez
1st Degree Black Belt





TK Tae Kwon Do Student Testimonials

Chris Weber

In June of 2009, I was a 64year old, overweight woman going to the T.K. Tae Kwon Do dojang to watch one of my twin granddaughters, Samantha Malcolm, take lessons from Grand Master Tae Kwon Park.
At that time I was also taking classes to learn American Sign Language. I noticed the similarity and the beauty of the hand motions and body movements of the two. I decided then and there that Tae Kwon Do was something I wanted to do.

I realized one was used to communicate with deaf people and the other was for protecting oneself and others but both were used to help people and that was very appealing to me. […] I had been watching Master Park and the instructors for 9 months teaching the kids, so I already knew what to expect. I jumped right in and then realized it was a lot more difficult than it looked. I wasn’t in shape as much as I thought I was. But Master Park encouraged me to do what I could. I came to as many classes as possible and I slowly learned my lessons and built up my strength, endurance and flexibility. […] When I started taking Tae Kwon Do I had no intention of making it to Black Belt. It was going to take at least 3 years to get to the First Dan and how could I last that long? But it is now 2013. I am 68 years old and I am here and ready to test for my Black Belt.

I am proud of my accomplishments and plan on being here as long as my health will allow. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. So you can see me here taking classes well into the future because I have taken Master Park’s motto and made it my own, “NEVER GIVE UP”.

Brandon Ewing

Tae Kwon Do has changed my life. It has given me fast reflexes and also made me more athletic with other sports. Additionally, I have made many friends at T.K. Tae Kwon Do. I have more confidence not only with Tae Kwon Do but with all sports and at school. I have a positive attitude and know right from wrong and have strong self-control. I follow rules and directions and know how to stay focused. I know I can accomplish anything with hard work and commitment. I show respect to my family, teachers, classmates, and everyone that I meet.


Fernando Alvarez

How many people can say that their whole family is involved in the same sport? I have been down many roads in my life that have all ended up with disappointment in my constant weight battle. It has been 3 years since I got my Black Belt and I am now testing for my 2nd Dan. I am still at T.K. Tae Kwon Do.

When some expected me to regain my weight, I have proven them wrong. My life and my family’s life revolve around Tae Kwon Do.  […] I am very privileged and proud to share Tae Kwon Do with my family. It all started with the signing up of my daughter Samantha. We wanted to build up her confidence. Our other girls saw how much fun it was and I ended up signing them up and myself as well. Then 3 years later I encouraged my wife to join. She will be testing for her 1st Dan in December. Who would have guessed that my family and I would still be involved in Tae Kwon Do? I would have never imagined that 4 years later I am still maintaining the weight off, lowered my blood pressure, and I have no more cholesterol. Who would have believed that Tae Kwon Do could change a family’s life so drastically? Tae Kwon Do has opened up the door to a more active lifestyle. It has enabled my family and I to be more active and healthy. Not only have we seen the benefit in our health but also in our mental strength.

It has helped us get closer as a family. We practice together and learn from each other. I am a firm believer that when a family creates a bond it is a eternal one. There is nothing thicker than BLOOD and BLACK BELT. I will continue to sacrifice as much as I can to Tae Kwon Do to keep my family’s bond and helath a strong one. God willing I will continue my journey until I reach my ultimate goal of becoming a master in this great sport that I love!